Due to the large dust in the working environment of Raymond mill and the poor working conditions of the machine, in order to ensure the normal operation and life of the machine, it must be lubricated in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication table. The main engine transmission, analysis oil reservoir, hoist worm gear box and blower are lubricated with lubricating oil. When the new machine is used, the running parts of the machine gears etc run in, there will be some iron chips, particles fall, in order not to make the machine wear too fast, it should be changed once after starting the machine for one week, you can change oil according to the lubrication table. Every time when you change the oil, you should clean the old oil with kerosene or diesel. after washing, dry the oil and inject the oil. At the same time, pay attention to the oil level. The main gearbox should be the oil level in the middle of the oil level. The oil level of analyzing the oil pool and hoist worm gear boxs hould not be higher than half of the oil level. The oil level of the blower should between on the two lines and the oil needle. If the oil is too low, the machine will not be sufficiently lubricated. If it is too much, the power consumption will be increased. The machine will easily overheat and may leak oil.

raymond mill lubrication operation

The upper bearing of the main engine transmission and the analysis oil pool is lubricated by the screw pump installed inside, if their rotation direction is adverse, the oil pump can’t play a role, and the bearing has no oil lubrication.

Lubricate the oil with grease and clean the grease nipple so as not to bring mud sand into the oil.

The working conditions of the roller assembly are particularly harsh and should ensure that the bearings are lubricated and should be cleaned regularly.

23th May 2018