Introduction: The quality of the finished products in Raymond mill production cannot be separated from the screening process. Because the screening is an important part of the separation of materials and the production of grinding. What is the bad screening?

The quality of the finished product is related to the return of Raymond Mill’s investment, and the quality of finished powder is determined by many factors, such as the screening process, why does the screening affect the quality of the finished product? Mainly because the screening is the screening of the processed materials, after the screening, the qualified materials can be produced in the next stage. If the screening is bad, it will naturally affect the processing of Raymond mill, so we have to solve the bad phenomenon of sieve.

In the grinding process, sieving refers to the separation of materials. The size of the mesh directly affects the separation process. Of course, the condition of the material also affects the screening process, and the screening is indispensable in the production of Raymond mill, which is to ensure the quality of the finished product, but improper operation makes this link an important cause of poor quality. The impact of screening is as follows:

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First of all, it is the effect of the screen itself used on the screening effect. If the screen size is not properly selected or the screen is not tight or the mesh is clogged, the screening effect will be affected, which will affect the raymond mill finished product quality;

Secondly, the influence of material properties on the screening process, if the material moisture content is large or the feed is not uniform, the grain size is unreasonable, the grain shape is unreasonable, and the layer on the sieve surface is too thick, the screening effect will be reduced, which lead to reduce the quality of Raymond mill products;

Again, the difference in amplitude and vibration frequency is also an important factor affecting the screening effect, because these two aspects affect the number of beats of the material on the screen, then it affects the screening rate, which in turn causes the different quality of Raymond mill finished products .

The article introduces the problems that the quality of Raymond mill finished products may be related to the screening process, analyzes the reasons for this statement, and introduces the reasons for poor screening. It can be seen that the screen specifications, the state of use, and the materials and the choice of amplitude are all indirect factors affecting the quality of Raymond mill products, these all need to required careful selection and operation.

28th Sep 2018