Low vibration Raymond grinding mill for limestone (silica high)

  • Country: South American market

  • Raw material: Limestone ,Moh’s hardness =3-3.2

  • Input size: 4mm;10mm;15mm

  • Capacity: 4.5tph ; 5.5tph

  • Installation date: Jun 20th,2016

  • Special requirement: All motor use 440V

  • Noted:The common limestone Moh’s hardness is 2.2-2.8

  • And final product passing rate is 3% retained .

  • When final product reach to 1% retained ,the final powder will content lots of 600mesh ;800mesh fineness powder

  • 325mesh 1% retained = 400mesh 3-5% retained

  • 200mesh 1% retained = 325mesh 3-5% retained

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