Kaolin is one of the minerals in nature. This mineral plays an important role in the paper making, ceramics, coatings and other industries. In these applications, kaolin needs to be processed by the Raymond mill production line. This article is about the production line introduction.

First of all, the advantages of Raymond mill processing technology

In the processing of kaolin, Raymond mill production line has better environmental protection advantages, can control dust, noise and other pollution, meet modern green production, and the production line has compact structure and small footprint. It makes it easier to place and saves infrastructure costs to a large extent;

raymond mill

And the Raymond mill has a complete set of production technology, which can concentrate coarse material crushing and fine grinding, and integrate powder selection, transportation and collection into one, which makes the milling operation simpler and more streamlined. The production line is for the processing of kaolin has the advantages of higher powdering rate, uniform powder, fine and clean, less impurities;

In terms of operation, the kaolin Raymond mill has a high automation design process, which can reduce the on-site staff and liberate the labor force;

Second, the processing of kaolin Raymond mill

In addition to the proper type of Raymond mill, the production line needs to be equipped with corresponding jaw crushers, bucket elevators, electromagnetic feeders etc. The processing of kaolin is mainly as follows:

The large kaolin is first coarsely crushed by a jaw crusher, and then the material is fed into the silo from bottom to top by a bucket elevator; the material is evenly fed to the Raymond mill by an electromagnetic feeder to be ground; the powder is uniformly selected by the powder sorting machine, and the qualified fine powder enters into the finished silo with the pipeline device, and then can be uniformly packaged by the loading tanker.

8th Oct 2018