Raymond mill is an indispensable equipment for grinding ore, let me introduce the installation of it today.

一、 Lifting

When the roller mill is lifted, the wire rope can be lifted from the main body cylinder hanger. When the lifting rack is disassembled, special care must be taken when lifting the crane to prevent the fixed coupling at the bottom of the main shaft of the main unit from touching the ground or force, causing the central shaft and the attached plum blossom rack, grinding roller device and blade rack to pick up. If it moves up, it must be reset during installation, otherwise it may cause equipment failure. Please refer to the installation instructions for details. The analyzer can be lifted separately, and the wire rope can be lifted into the lifting lug when lifting. The lifting of the electrical cabinet lifts the wire rope into the hoisting spiral ring on the top of the cabinet. When lifting the machine, soft objects should be placed between the wire rope and the machine. Be careful not to damage the weak parts of the machine and the machine should be prevented from tipping over at any time during lifting.

Raymond mill use scope

二、 Installation

  1. Carefully read the foundation map, draw out the external lines of the excavated pits, and focus on determining the location of the host.
  2. Find out the two vertical centerlines of the host and lay four wooden stakes on the host of the digging pit.
  3. Determine the centerline of other machines with the centerline of the roller millas a benchmark and lay the stakes in the pit outside.
  4. Digging holes: According to the requirements of the drawings, the depth of digging of the host is ensured. The depth of other positions can be determined according to the actual conditions of the foundation.
  5. Place mould ribs: Place bolts, reducers, blowers, hoisting pitsetcat various places and ensure the relative position of the holes, and place ribs on the roller mill and blower.
  6. Pouring Concrete: Ensure that the cement number is above No. 500. When the concrete is poured to a certain height, check whether the wooden mold is displaced. After confirming that the position is correct, continue casting and vibrating the vibrator to ensure its quality. If there is heating during the freezing season, the maintenance period after pouring is 12 days.
  7. The roller mill in place: in the process of roller mill’s lifting and installation, maybe the host shaft will move up, how to determine the center shaft smashing, see the figure, it does move up if the belt pulley and the cover gap is less than 12mm . At this time, you must use a sledgehammer to hit the center of the upper end of the plum rack to reset the center axis. Otherwise, when the roller mill works for a certain period of time, the central axis is reset under the effect of gravity, the two pulleys are inconsistent in level, which may cause belt damage. Therefore, after the roller mill is in position, you must check the  clearance between the pulley and the gland as shown in the figure. The pedestal of the host base is calibrate with a box level. The longitudinal and lateral levels of the host are required to be no more than 0.1 mm within 1000 mm. The blower casing (with the tee installed) uses the internal air inlet of the main air reservoir as the reference for the fan casing and the blower seat. Once in place, the second grouting can be performed. When the second grouting is close to the bottom plane of the roller mill base, the following specifications are used: 250 x 250 steel plates of different thickness are placed on the anchor bolts of the roller mill and filled with grout. The shelf life is 18 days after the boot.

21th May 2018