The composition of a complete set of HGM ultrafine grinding mill

 1.The main Unit consists of three parts, the crushing system, the grading system and the driving system. Among them, the crushing system is composed of a crushing sub-assembly and a main bearing; The driving system is belt transmission, which consists of pulley, motor etc. The grading system consists of motor, stage wheel and bearing assembly. The function of the main engine is to crush the material, and classify the powder after crushing, and the unqualified powder will return to be crushed. The crushing and the grading systems are placed in the same body but run alone, with the feature of a compact structure, without producing smash, crushing the product fineness adjustable, easy maintenance and so on.

2. Powder extraction system, adopting open form. It includes: off-line cleaning dust collector, pipe systems, fans, control valves and other major components. Turn on the fan, the whole system works in a negative pressure state, the crushing of qualified powder to overcome the centrifugal resistance of the grading wheel, into the dust system to achieve solid gas separation, dust-laden gas through the off-line dust filter (the wind speed is less than 1 m / min), to obtain effective purification emissions; to collect the powder in the dust collector, by the discharge conveyor spiral to further uniform mixing, and finally through the export fan outlet output.

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The features of the product:

1.The crushing ratio is large and the energy utilization is high. When grind 10 micron of calcium carbonate , the fine powder (passing rate of 97%) is processed in the same time. The fine powder of 2.5 micron content about 50%. Compared with the same ultra fine powder grinding mill, fine powder content is higher, the surface area is larger.

2.The final product range is from 325mesh to 2500mesh (d97). HGM ultrafine powder grinding mill is the special equipment for dry production of non-metallic mineral powder at present . The main Unit adopts the built-in grading agencies, unique structure of grading wheel ,the grading effect is good, without large particles pollution.

3.More environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Under Negative pressure state, with high efficiency to increase the dust collector, the work environment with less dust; semi-automatic control to a unique process, a substantial increase in production efficiency, is the lowest energy consumption of a fine grinding equipment.

4.Low maintenance costs. The grinding roller and the grinding ring is made of special wear-resistant alloy steel ,the useful life is increased by 2 to 3 times.

5.Shock absorption, compact structure. The base is whole casting, which guarantees the structure strength and the shock performance.

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