Vietnam is a country which rich in high-quality calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate is mainly small calcite calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate ore quality in the forefront of the world. At present, Vietnam has more than 40 well-known producers of calcium carbonate powder, with an annual output of about 5 million tons of calcium carbonate powder, of which 70% is exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe. In order to encourage the export of calcium carbonate deep-processed products, Vietnam has implemented different export tax rates for calcium carbonate ore, powder, and masterbatch, of which ore is 17%, powder is 5%, and masterbatch is 0%.

ultrafine mill

Here is a successful case for calcium carbonate grinding in Vietnam.

Model: HGM-219

Material: calcium carbonate

Input size: ≤20mm

Output size: 9 μm

Capacity: 1.8t/h

Industry: Paint materials

Guilin hengda mining machinery Co., Ltd is a professional ultrafine mill manufacturer from China. For calcium carbonate ultrafine mill, HGM series is a good choice, not only for its factory price, but also multiple layers of multiple grinding roller, grinding wheel bracket with a combination of structure, the drive spindle is s multi-angle diamond-shaped structure, crushing power strong, less maintenance, easy demolition, low cost, and the finished product does not turn back.

HGM multi-layer curved roller mill is the ideal equipment for the current dry production of non-metallic mineral powder. Main Unit equipped with built-grading institutions, grading wheel unique structure, grading effect, powder particles concentrated, no large particles of pollution. Grinding ring with a special wear-resistant alloy steel or high chromium manufacturing, life increased by 2-3 times. Main unit base with the overall cast steel structure, high structural strength, shock absorption performance.

17th Apr. 2018