1、The features of HGM high speed mill:

① Calcium carbonate input size is <10mm to be processed into fine powder size<10μm at one time (passing rate 97%), and powder at size below 2.5μm content is about 50%. Compared with the same type machine, it’s content higher fine powder, larger surface area.

② The final product size is excellent and stable, it’s the special ultrafine powder equipment of dry-type production for non-metallic mineral in current. The main unit equipped with built-grading agencies, unique structure of grading, without coarseness powder missing, without large particles pollution.

③Low erosion. Grinding roller and grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant alloy steel, which increase useful life by 2 to 3 times.

④. Shock absorption and compact structure. The main unit base with the overall cast steel structure, not only to ensure structural strength, but also with a good shock absorption performance.

HGM high speed mill

2、Range of applications:

HGM high speed mill series is applied to the brittle materials with Moh’s hardness under 5, such as heavy calcium carbonate, barite, kaolin, hematite, talcum, feldspar etc. It requires the input size of particles less than 10mm and moisture less than 3%.

3、The main part of the product purchase:

HGM high speed mill main unit bearings and grading bearings of main unit used imported or international brand bearings; main motor, grading motor, fan and variable-frequency drive used domestic well-known brand products. In the manufacturing, the crushing used high-quality wear-resistant alloy steel by heat treatment to improve useful life. Grading roller is made of high-quality wear-resistant carbon steel or stainless steel, at the same time with more blades, beveled structure, which improved classification accuracy. Grading wheel dynamic balance is G1.5 level, to ensure stable operation at a high speed. The main unit base heavy designed, and overall cast steel structure, to ensure assembly accuracy of the various components and low vibration to improve equipment life.

4、The standards of product acceptance:

It takes a agreed target from customer and manufacturer as a product’s standard of manufacturing, installation and acceptance in general. The final product fineness is D97 <10μm, testing equipment: Zhuhai Ogilvy & Mather Instruments LS-POP (Ⅲ) laser particle size analyzer.