Heavy calcium carbonate is a certain degree fine powder products which grinding from calcite, limestone, marble .It is an excellent filler ,modifiers, extenders, plasticizer and low friction additives widely used Nowadays

Heavy calcium carbonate

200 mesh or less: A variety of feed additives.

250 mesh to 300 mesh: As raw materials of plastic, rubber, paint, waterproof material .

350 mesh to 400 mesh: To produce plate, building materials, chemical materials.

400 mesh to 600 mesh: For toothpaste paste, soap and so on.

800 mesh: for rubber, plastic, cable, pvc filler.

1250 mesh : can be used for PVC, PE, paint, paint grade products, paper baskets, paper coated, ink materials.

At present, the ordinary heavy calcium carbonate particle size distributed on 100 – 400 mesh in the market, and ultrafine heavy calcium carbonate particle size distributed 400 – 3000 mesh have large gap .  Hengda mining set up a special heavy calcium carbonate grinding technology research team, in years of experience in the development of milling machine, based on the introduction of the latest grinding technology, Hengda mining released the MR series Micro grinding mill ;LM series ultrafine Vertical grinding mill, HGM series ultrafine grinding mill . The above mill machine filled up the gap of the 400mesh -3000mesh heavy calcium carbonate processing equipment. And it is solved the high power consumption, low production , instability powder quality, pollution of the technical problems