HD Series Raymond grinding mill

Type :Mineral ore making
Input size :0-30mm
Final product size :80-600mesh (23-175micron)
Processed Material:
Feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, barite, rare earth, marble, phosphate ore, kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, Perlite diatomite, dolomite etc.
Metallurgy, construction, mining, chemical industry, etc.

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Introduction To Complete Machine Structure And Working Process
HD Series Raymond Roller Mill

The whole structure of Raymond mill is composed of a roller mill, Driving system, Classifier, pipeline device, blower, finished cyclone collector , jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric motor .
The Raw materials by jaw crusher less than 20mm and lifted by the elevator to the storage hopper, then after vibrating feeder evenly and quantitatively and continuously into the Main machine grinding, grinded powder was blow by airflow away. Through the classifier separated, consistent with the powder fineness with air flow through the pipeline into the cyclone collector, were isolated and collected, and then by the powder in tube is discharged into the finished powder. Air flow from large cyclone collector is arranged at the upper end of the air return pipe suction blower. The air current of the whole system is a closed loop, and flow circulation in the positive and negative pressure condition.


1.Reduce the roller and vibrate and improve the production volume according to the calculation, Regarding to the HD series grinding mill, under the sufficient grind force, the rollers is reduced and the grind space can be increased, The material layer filled better between the roller and ring, the attrition between rollers and rings is low, and the vibration and noise are also reduced, at the same time, the resistance of airflow of the fan becomes less. Winds can flow freely, thus the winds increase greatly, which determines the increase in the production volume. The production volume is 20% to 30% higher than R Raymond mill.

2.The increase mechanism of linkage pressure of the rollers, which greatly prolongs the useful life of the equipment and increases the capacity by 20% under the same power.

3.With the original roller assembly, the oiling time increased 6 – 15 times, archive the application of oil once, use for 30-45 days

4.High efficiency and stability, the ring and roller always contact during processing, the efficiency and stability of the grind are improved
5.Higher Accuracy powder Classify, without coarseness missing, Variable frequency Squirrel cage classifier(Patent product) is adopted, the accuracy is 80-600 meshes. The classify efficiency reached 99%. The powder selection is stable and adjustable, compare with the blade type, it can greatly improve the powder selection efficiency and qualification rate of the Final product.

6.Low noise and vibration: with the reasonable set of Collocation of above, the HD series has the advantages of high production, high qualification rate Low noise and vibration in grinding of the 325-400 meshes.

Model Input Size (mm) Output Size (mesh) Capacity (t/h)
HD-2500 ≤35 80-400 20-60
HD-2150 ≤35 80-400 10-40
HD-2000 ≤35 80-400 8-38
HD-1720 ≤30 80-400 5-32
HD-1700 ≤30 80-400 5-30
HD-1620 ≤20 80-400 4-24
HD-1600 ≤20 80-400 3-22
HD-1500 ≤20 80-400 3-16
HD-1300 ≤20 80-400 2-15
5R4128 ≤20 80-400 2-15
HD-1280 ≤20 80-400 2-15
GYM9720 ≤20 80-600 2-8
4R3220 ≤20 80-400 1-7
Model Main Motor Power (Kw) Roller size (mm) Total power(Kw)
HD-2500 315 φ600*300 565
HD-2150 280 φ600*300 537
HD-2000 280 φ600*300 467
HD-1720 220 φ510*300 417
HD-1700 160 φ510*300 272
HD-1620 132 φ450*300 272
HD-1600 110 φ300*300 222
HD-1500 110 φ410*280 230
HD-1300 90 φ410*250 192
5R4128 90 φ410*280 192
HD-1280 55 φ370*240 145
GYM9720 45 φ320*220 97
4R3220 45 φ320*220 97
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