Raymond mill is a common milling machine in the field of gypsum, limestone, calcite, marble and other non-metallic mineral grinding. The traditional R type machine has low output and high energy consumption, and the comprehensive investment cost of the enterprise is increased. Guilin Hengda with high-quality production technology and technology to professionally manufacture gypsum Raymond mill production line, processing 80-400 high quality gypsum powder to enhance market value, improve product market competitiveness.

Gypsum has a magical industrial value and is a widely used industrial material and building material for cement retarder, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additive, sulfuric acid production, paper filler, paint filler and the like. With the rapid development of the mining industry, gypsum grinding field carried out in-depth study and research, as a gypsum mill manufacturer, Guilin hengda has many advantages in the field of gypsum grinding, from the output, energy consumption, total investment costs, Wearing parts and many other aspects of gypsum powder milling are more efficient choice. Guilin hengda in gypsum mill equipment research and development into a huge amount of manpower and material and financial resources to speed up the pace of innovation and upgrading to enhance the production capacity of the entire system . For the enterprise processing to create greater profit margins, Guilin Hengda mill is the ideal equipment of gypsum processing efficient and environmentally friendly.

gypsum raymond mill
gypsum raymond mill

advantages in the field of processing gypsum powder, the use of unique swing mode, making the entire system running smoothly , The performance is more stable and reliable. Under the operation of the forced turbo grading system, the finished product particle size is more uniform and fine, the grain size range is expanded to 80-600 mesh area, the output is more than 30% higher than the R type machine, the unit energy consumption is saved by more than 20% Is the best choice for efficient and energy saving in gypsum powder making field.

gypsum raymond mill

Guilin hengda new environmentally friendly gypsum Raymond Mill production line – HD Series high pressure grinding mill

[Maximum feed size]: less than 30mm

[Ring diameter]: 970-2500mm

[Total Power]: 90–630KW

[Production capacity]: 1-40 t / h

[Finished particle size]: 170-45micron/80-400mesh

[Performance advantages]: The mill is a traditional R type mill replacement equipment. Wide range of applications, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, low noise and vibration, cost-effective, output 30% -40% higher than the traditional Raymond mill, it is economical and practical  powder grinding equipment.