During the use of Raymond mill, if the sealing performance is not good, there will be dust spill and internal air pressure changes, which will make the environmental protection not meet the requirements, and the efficiency caused by the change of the working state of the equipment, powder back suction and so on.

Harmfulness I, dust spill

If the sealing performance of Raymond mill is not good, there will be dust spillage. This phenomenon will cause environmental pollution, which will make the equipment not meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the spilled dust will be also bad for staff’s health, so ensuring the sealability of the mill is one of the important tasks in production.

Raymond mill

Harmfulness II, pollute lubricant

In the production of Raymond mill, if the sealing performance is not good, the dust will enter the inside of the bearing, which will pollute the lubricating oil. The contaminated lubricating oil will not only have a bad lubrication effect, but also aggravate the wear of the bearing and cause the bearing. The damage, as well as the decline in its service life, these phenomena will increase the maintenance cost of the bearing, thereby increasing the investment in the production cost of the mill.

Harmfulness III, changes in internal pressure

During the use of Raymond mill, changes in sealability will cause changes in the internal pressure of the machine. This phenomenon will cause changes in the internal wind force, which not only affects production efficiency, but also affects the size of the finished powder. It may also cause the phenomenon of powder suction, which will cause changes in the production efficiency of the mill.

Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery HD series high efficiency raymond mill with the following features:

1.High capacity and low consumption, the output is increased by 20%-30% compared with traditional Raymond machine, impeller type fan is used, which efficiency is higher than straight blade type fan, once oil can be used for 30-45 days;

2.Powder classification accuracy is higher, without coarseness missing, the accuracy is 80-600 mesh, classification efficiency of 99%;

3.Efficient and stable, grinding roller and grinding ring always contact during operation; environmental protection, low vibration, low noise.

5th July 2018