With the rapid development of the market, the large-scale production of milling enterprises can greatly enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and create more profits and value. In the field of manganese ore milling, the use of advanced milling equipment can greatly enhance the utilization value of manganese ore. The large-scale Raymond mechanism powder equipment manufactured by Hengda has a number of patented technologies to meet the expanding industrialized scale production needs, Large-scale production of the preferred equipment.

The steel industry is the most important area, accounting for 90% to 95% of the total manganese content, mainly used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer in ironmaking and steelmaking, as well as in the manufacture of alloys. The remaining 10% -5% Other industrial sectors such as the chemical industry (manufacture of various manganese-containing salts), light industry (for batteries, matches, varnishes, soap and the like), building materials industry (colorants and fading agents for glass and ceramics), defense industry, Electronics industry, environmental protection and agriculture and animal husbandry, etc. In short, manganese plays a very important strategic role in the national economy.

manganese mine Raymond mill

Guilin Hengda professional manufacture of large manganese mine Raymond mill is particularly suitable for power plant desulfurization, manganese mining and other industries in the field of large-scale powder processing, the same power conditions, the output is 30% higher than the traditional Raymond mill, ball mill 20% . Powder machine for the three-dimensional structure, covers an area of small, the same output, covers an area of only one-third of the traditional 4sets of 4R machine, greatly reducing the plant land and capital costs, low investment costs; equipment applicability, No need to replace any parts to meet the production department with the material, the products of different fineness needs, is to meet the large-scale manganese ore milling equipment of choice.

Guilin Hengda HD large manganese mine Raymond mill

{Model type}: HD1620, HD1720, HD2150, HD2500 and so on

{Ring diameter}: 1620-2500mm

{Maximum feed particle size}: 30-40 mm

{Finished particle}: 80-400 mesh

{Production capacity}: 1-40 t / h

{Processing Materials}: For limestone, calcite, dolomite, titanium dioxide, quartz, bauxite, marble, feldspar, barite, fluorite, talc and other non-iron ore  large scale processing.

In the field of manganese ore milling, Guilin Hengda experienced, high-end equipment, high quality, general manganese ore large Raymond mill milling equipment has many performance advantages, leading technology level, is the ideal manganese ore large-scale milling equipment. Welcome to Inquiry.

3rd Jan. 2018