Introduction: The phenomenon of wear and tear in grinding mill is unavoidable and the wear is normal, but it’s abnormal that the grinding wheel and grinding roller are worn fast, what lead to this ?

When grinding mill is in use, the existing wear mechanism refers to the normal wear and tear of the material processing, which is caused by the inherent principle of production. The wear phenomenon generally occurs in the core parts, such as the grinding wheel and grinding roller etc, but if these parts are worn fast, which is  caused by external factors in production. It is an abnormal phenomenon and needs to be avoided. What causes it?

1.The quality of the grinding wheel and grinding roller, the bad quality is the root cause;

2.The problem of easy grinding of raw materials, which affects the processing difficulty of grindingmill, and is also an important cause of faster wear;

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3.The balance between the grinding rollers, this is mainly due to the fact that the grinding milldoes not adjust the balance between the grinding rollers during the installation, or some factors in the production cause this balance change, so that the grinding rollers accelerated the wear and tear;

4.The problem of grinding pressure and material layer, these two aspects of the problem in the production of grinding mill not only affect the efficiency of the grinding, but also cause changes in wear;

5.The entry of foreign objects, no matter what type of grinding mill, even if the quality is superior, it will accelerate the wear and tear of foreign objects that cannot be ground;

6.Excessive use of grinding roller and grinding wheel, whichis one of the phenomena that need to be prevented in production. Some customers increase the running time of the equipment in order to pursue high production. At this time, the internal parts of the grinding millare in a state of fatigue, so the phenomenon of wear and tear is unavoidable;

Through the above analysis, we can know that the reduction of wear phenomenon not only requires the selection of good quality of grinding mill, but also the operational specifications, so as to truly prevent the phenomenon of rapid wear.

27th Sep 2018