Wollastonite is a calcium inosilicate mineral (CaSiO3) that may contain small amounts of iron, magnesium, and manganese substituting for calcium. Its Moh’s hardness is 4.5-5. It is usually white. For its high brightness and whiteness, low moisture and oil absorption, and low volatile content. Wollastonite has industrial importance worldwide, it is used primarily in ceramics, friction products (brakes and clutches), metalmaking, paint filler, and plastics.

In ceramics, wollastonite decreases shrinkage and gas evolution during firing, increases green and fired strength, maintains brightness during firing, permits fast firing, and reduces crazing, cracking, and glaze defects.

In metallurgical applications, wollastonite serves as a flux for welding, a source for calcium oxide, a slag conditioner, and to protect the surface of molten metal during the continuous casting of steel.

Wollastonite Ultrafine grinding mill

As an additive in paint, it improves the durability of the paint film, acts as a pH buffer, improves its resistance to weathering, reduces gloss, reduces pigment consumption, and acts as a flatting and suspending agent.

In plastics, wollastonite improves tensile and flexural strength, reduces resin consumption, and improves thermal and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. Surface treatments are used to improve the adhesion between the wollastonite and the polymers to which it is added.

As a substitute for asbestos in floor tiles, friction products, insulating board and panels, paint, plastics, and roofing products, wollastonite is resistant to chemical attack, inert, stable at high temperatures, and improves flexural and tensile strength. In some industries, it is used in different percentages of impurities, such as its use as a fabricator of mineral wool insulation, or as an ornamental building material.

For wollastonite grinding, Guilin hengda HGM ultra fine powder grinding mill is popular for its advantages:

1.PatentedTechnology structural innovation

Grinding the use of multiple layers of multiple grinding roller, grinding wheel bracket with a combination of structure, the drive spindle is a multi-angle diamond-shaped structure, crushing power strong,less maintenance, easy demolition, low cost, and the finished product does not turn

Wollastonite Ultrafine grinding mill

2.  High energy efficiency
Feed size <10mm of the lump, a one-time processing of 5 ~ 75Ојm micron powder, high content of fine powder, the product of large surface area.

3. Stable performance with good fineness
HGM multi-layer curved roller mill is the ideal equipment for the current dry production of non-metallic mineral powder. Main Unit equipped with built-grading institutions, grading wheel unique structure, grading effect, powder particles concentrated, no large particles of pollution.

4.Material resistance, good shock absorption 
Grinding ring with a special wear-resistant alloy steel or high chromium manufacturing, life increased by 2 to 3 times. Main unit base with the overall cast steel structure, high structural strength, shock absorption performance.

24th Jan. 2018