How to repair Raymond mill failure? These technical problems are difficult for operators, mill failure problems are inevitable in the operation of the equipment , Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery summaried of the four major maintenance tips for reference, including Preventive Maintenance, Fault Maintenance, Production Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance.

First, prevent maintenance, make plans for the operation of milling equipment in detail, including production capacity, schedule, professional maintenance departments, reasonable work arrangements, preventive measures can prolong the service life of the equipment and accessories as well as improve production efficiency, the details are as below:

1.To avoid overworking makea reasonable production plan.

2.Establisha special maintenance department, check regularly, found the quality of finished products, production efficiency and other irregularities  ruled out

3.Minoror serious equipment wear parts to take lubrication or replacement.

Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery

Second, the fault repair, take unplanned maintenance when raymond mill can’t work properly , such as dust collector does not work, bearing lock, the dust inlet abnormalities etc, there are detailed technical descriptions of the milling equipment in Guilin Hengda mining machinery’s catalog , and the fault problems can not be handled at will, looking for technical staff to check the exclusion, troubleshooting the entire process to be carried out in the power-off conditions, to avoid other accidents.

Third, the production and maintenance, mainly refers to the impact of the elimination of production planning issues, low output, unqualified products etc, there are maybe two possible causes of failure: First, Raymond milling machine performance problems, Second, operator problems, the general test machine does not exist Quality problems, the maximum may be caused by the operator, such as uneven feeding, the boot sequence is not correct, the valve open the wrong state,  such as lock powder seal will result in less powder and low capacity, uneven feeding will affect the finished product uniformity, which leads to clog.

Fourth, predicting maintenance is predicted that according to the information provided by the condition monitoring and diagnosis technology, the necessary and proper maintenance can be carried out before the fault occurs. Most of skilled operators can detect potential faults in advance through sound and finished products to prevent and cure them as soon as possible.

All customers will face Raymond mill failure problems, whether your raymond mill is from famous brand suppliers or small and medium-sized enterprises, ore crushing equipment in the long-term use of the process wil appear wear, corrosion, deformation, burning and so on, when the failure occurs need to stop production to eliminate the problem, Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery remind you three points to note as below:

1.Purchase a set of spare parts, such as grinding rollers, grinding rings, blades, bearings etc, because it’s necessary to replace the wearing parts when they worked about 500 hours.

2.You’d better cooperate with technical staff when you are ready to replace spare parts or eliminate the trouble, so that youand operator can understand the principle of equipment better, attend a training of the equipment and technology if necessary.

3.Maintenance is as important as repair, including transmission lubrication, wearing parts replacement is necessary, and the choice of lubricant must be in accordance with the instructions for use of equipment, including the lubricant model, Add volume and so on.

4th Jan. 2018