1.Grinding ore hardness

The hardness is different of different ores. This is determined by the nature of the ore, which directly affects the difficulty of grinding or fineness of the ore. Although the hardness of ore can not be changed, we can use reasonable ore to make the ore’s size uniform, blocky and powdery ore proportion reasonable and stable to achieve reasonable and uniform grinding fineness.

2.Size of crushing, adjustment of mesh sieve

Milling equipment is generally equipped with crusher, which crushes and re-grinds the material. Therefore, the particle size of the broken material also affects the fineness of the grinding. So, we must supervise the crushing system to ensure that the material with uniform size is broken, and the finer the particle size, the better, so as to avoid affecting the performance of the pulverizer due to the uneven size of the material.

Raymond mill

3.Classifier opening height, size

In many grinding production lines, because the size of the opening of the grader was not adjusted when the equipment was installed, the worker did not pay attention to the operation, which also affected the grinding operations and the fineness of the milling. Therefore, in the installation and production, we must pay attention to the size and height of the classifier.

4.Classifier blade wear

The blades of the classifier directly affect the working performance of the raymond mill. After the blades are worn, the relative amount of sand returned will be reduced, resulting in coarsening of the grinding fineness. Moreover, if the blades are worn badly, the life of the classifier will be directly affected, and thus the impact will be affected the overall performance of the mill. Therefore, when working, be sure to regularly check the blade wear and replace the wear blade.

5.Classifier Spindle Lift Height

In normal grinding production, the main shaft of the classifier is required to be in place. In some ore dressing plants, because the materials in the grader are not cleaned up, the sinking material will be more concentrated under long-term sinking, which will cause the main shaft of the grader to be put not in place, thus reducing the amount of sand returned. In addition, the grader spindle is not put in position may also be due to the spindle is not cleaned up and oiled for a long time, so pay more attention during the operation, regular cleaning.

To sum up, in the grinding production, we must regularly check, pay attention to the correct operation during production, to avoid affecting the fineness of the raymond mill and its performance. For raymond mill, Guilin Hengda HD series high efficiency raymond mill is a good choice, it has the advantages of high production, high qualification rate, low noise and vibration in grinding of 325-400 mesh.

5th June 2018