With the special characteristic and the advanced technology, it can meet the various market demands. During the production process, there are many factors that can affect the production efficiency of Raymond Mill . The factors are as following:

1. Hardness of the material. Generally speaking, the harder material will damage the Raymond mill quickly.

2. Humidity of the material. The wet material will adhere to the internal of Raymond mill. It will also cause the stoppage phenomenon during the transport process of the material. This will greatly reduce the production ability of Raymond mill.

Raymond Mill efficiency

3. Compose of the material. When final product reqest fine powder , the material should be screened before grinding to avoid the adhesion phenomenon.

4. Viscosity of the material. The material mixed viscosity will influence on the working effect of the Raymond mill.

5. Abrasion resistance of the Raymond mill. High quality grinding parts lasted the grinding lifetime longer.

Increasing Raymond mill efficiency contributes to your business.