In today’s increasingly scarce oil resources era, petroleum coke can be used as a substitute for petroleum as a fuel after being ground into a petroleum coke powder, and is widely used in the glass and ceramic industries. So what exactly is petroleum coke? Petroleum coke is the most “scrap” in the oil refining process. From the appearance, it is an irregularly shaped, black block or granule of different sizes. It is further processed into a petroleum coke powder fuel by grinding mill, which is a good material for realizing waste utilization and developing a recycling economy.

1.Classification and properties of petroleum coke

Needle coke: With a pronounced needle-like structure and fiber texture, it is mainly used as a high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrode in steel-making.

Sponge coke: high chemical reactivity, low impurity content, mainly used in aluminum industry and carbon industry.

Projectile coke (spherical coke): spherical shape, diameter of 0.6-30mm, generally produced by high sulfur, high asphaltene residue oil, can only be used for power generation, cement and other industrial fuels.

Powder coke: It is produced by fluidized coking process. Its fine particles (0.1-0.4mm in diameter), high volatile content, and high coefficient of thermal expansion cannot be directly used in electrode preparation and carbon industry.

Raymond mill

2.Processing technology of petroleum coke powder

After the petroleum coke is broken by a crusher, it is dried by a dryer (some do not need to be dried), and then it is ground by a pulverizer to produce a petroleum coke powder that meets the customer’s needs and passes through the conveying system with quantitative, continuous, uniform, and stable injection into the kiln for combustion.

3.Development prospects

Petroleum coke is a new type of energy-saving, environmental protection, high value-added energy. In aluminum melting furnaces, forge kiln, annealing kiln, stern kiln, industrial boilers etc, as long as the thermal equipment using heavy oil as fuel, after a certain technical design can use petroleum powder as a fuel instead of heavy oil. Petroleum coke has a considerable promotion value in these industries.

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13th June 2018