As we all know, heavy calcium carbonate is processed from high-quality calcite as a raw material. It is a white powder, its main component is CaCO3, high whiteness, high purity, good hue and chemical composition. Therefore, heavy calcium carbonate is a very good filler commonly used in industry. The heavy calcium carbonate produced by Guilin Hengda can produce fineness 80-3000 mesh, among which 200-400 mesh is more commonly used. The main equipents including raymond mill, ultrafine mill, micro powder grinder etc.

In the progressive development of modern society, heavy calcium carbonate powder is more and more widely used, and can be used in artificial floor tiles, plastics, paints, inks, paper, paint, rubber and so on. And different industries have different requirements for the fineness of heavy calcium powder.

Raymond mill

1.Heavy calcium carbonate powder for paper industry

Heavy calcium carbonate powder for papermaking: over 325 mesh, whiteness requirement: over 95%, calcium carbonate content: 98%, calcium carbonate plays an important role in the paper industry, can guarantee the strength and whiteness of paper, and the cost is lower.

2.Artificial marble industry with heavy calcium carbonate powder

Artificial marble with heavy calcium carbonate powder: 325 mesh, whiteness requirements: 95%, calcium carbonate content: 98.5% (purified without impurities), calcium carbonate is now widely used in artificial marble production.

3.Floor brick industry with heavy calcium carbonate powder

Heavy calcium carbonate powder for floor tile: 400 mesh, whiteness requirement: 95%, calcium carbonate content: 98.5% (pure carbon without impurities), calcium carbonate is used in the floor tile industry to increase the whiteness and pull of the product. Improve product toughness and reduce production costs.

For 325-400 mesh heavy calcium carbonate powder grinding, HD series high efficiency raymond mill is a good choice, it has the following advantages:

1.High capacity and low consumption, the output is increased by 20%-30% compared with traditional Raymond machine, impeller type fan is used, which efficiency is higher than straight blade type fan, once oil can be used for 30-45 days;

2.Powder classification accuracy is higher, without coarseness missing, the accuracy is 80-600 mesh, classification efficiency of 99%;

3.Efficient and stable, grinding roller and grinding ring always contact during operation; environmental protection, low vibration, low noise.

28th May 2018