At present, the application of the mill is very extensive. At the beginning, there was a Raymond mill, and the high-pressure mill was developed slowly. It can also be said that the high-pressure mill is a derivative of the Raymond mill. From the appearance, there is no difference between high-pressure grinding and Raymond grinding. The main difference lies in the input size, output size and production.

Raymond mill

Input size:

Raymond mill: the smaller the feed is, the more stable the output is, the higher the processing efficiency will be

High-pressure mill: the feed size is larger than the range of Raymond mill

Output size:

Raymond Mill: 80-600 mesh

High-pressure mill: 600-3000 mesh, the finished product is finer and the sieve rate is higher


Raymond Mill: the production is lower than high pressure mill

High pressure mill: high pressure with high pressure spring, the output is higher than Raymond mill

The high-pressure mill adopts a mature high-pressure device, which not only prolongs the service life of the equipment, but also increases the grinding output of the equipment to the same extent. Ordinary Raymond mills do not have this advantage. In the long-term use process, when the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is large, even if the bolts and other parts are adjusted, it cannot be closely ground, and the finished powder can not meet the requirements fineness, but to replace the vulnerable parts at this time.

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9th Aug 2018