As a manufacturer of grinding machines – Guilin Hengda here gives a brief analysis of the development of Chinese ultra-fine powder industry.

1.Expand business scale and reduce costs

From the current production situation, enterprises must invest in expanding production and marketing capabilities, which will test the investment and financing capabilities of industrial enterprises. Industry companies implement cooperation, mergers and asset restructuring, and implement low-cost expansion, which is an effective way to increase capacity and resist market risks. Increasing production and sales, achieving economies of scale, reducing costs, and expanding market share will help improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Through the improvement of the production process, the implementation of intelligent control and continuous process equipment transformation, control and improve product quality, reduce costs. Expanding the scale of production requires that the company’s grinding equipment develop in the direction of large-scale and energy-saving.

Ultrafine grinding mill

2.Relying on application technology support to achieve product differentiation management

By strengthening product application technology and differentiated development technology, we will explore the application market areas of plastic masterbatch and exterior wall coatings, wood concealers etc, increase the sales volume of high value-added products, and win large sales profits. Improve the application research of enterprise products, provide customers with high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services, ensure the stability and growth of sales. Strengthen investment in applied technology resources and develop new application areas. In order to achieve this goal, the grinding equipment must achieve free regulation of product fineness to meet the development needs of different industries.

As a manufacturer of grinding equipment, the grinding equipment produced has been greatly improved, and it has become large-scale, energy-saving and fine-tuning. Welcome to our company for the purchase of grinding equipment, Guilin Hengda series of grinding equipment recommended: HD series Raymond grinding mill, HGM series ultrafine grinding mill, MR series micro powder grinder and so on.

21th Aug 2018