In thermal power plants, metallurgy and other industrial fields, FGD gypsum is a byproduct of desulfurization production. According to the development of China’s thermal power plants, China annually emits nearly 100 million tons of FGD gypsum byproducts. In environmental storm and industrial solid waste At the moment when the cycle of development is flourishing, the use of advanced desulphurization gypsum mills can speed up the recycling and development of industrial solid waste, contributing to the meager power of environmental protection in the world.

desulfurization vertical milling equipment

At present, there are dozens of desulphurization technologies put into use and mature in the world, mainly including wet method, dry method and semi-dry method. Among them, the wet calcium method (limestone-gypsum method) is the most mature technology in the world, with the most practical performance and the most stable operating condition. This desulfurization process is mainly achieved by lime powder desulfurization agent. First limestone should be ground into lime powder and then mixed with water to make a mixed night, as a desulfurization absorbent to absorb the sulfur dioxide discharged from the power plant, and then with the absorption of sulfur dioxide limestone desulfurization slurry calcium carbonate and into Air chemical reaction, the final formation of gypsum. In this way, the sulfur dioxide released from the coal burning in the thermal power plant is eliminated, which not only effectively avoids air pollution, but also produces gypsum which can be used for other industrial production and improves resource utilization.

Common desulfurization vertical milling equipment is Raymond mill, high pressure mill, high pressure micro-mill and HGM series of micro-grinding, ultra-fine grinding. The opposite is energy efficient ball mill, usually horizontal, relatively large footprint. In addition to the Hengda mill can be used to desulfurization, it can also grind heavy calcium powder, talc, limestone, calcite, mica, marble, barite, kaolin, fly ash, slag, etc., after grinding the material , Can be used for our construction, mineral, chemical, highway and other industries. Raymond mill is vertical, its small footprint, saving us a lot of costs, and Hengda milling machines have added a dust removal equipment to prevent the pollution of the environment.

As Raymond mill extended rolling time of the material, improve the finished product fineness and prodduction, also greatly improve the finished product accuracy, fineness, wide range of applications, it has been the choice of many customers.

10th Jan. 2018