As an important energy source, coal is widely used in today’s metallurgical and chemical industries and is one of the most important raw materials. Petroleum coke is the waste generated in the process of petroleum refining. With the improvement of the level of science and technology, we can now process the petroleum coke. After grinding to a certain degree of fineness, it is fully burned as a solid fuel, and with high heat and low cost, environmental protection, which is a new energy source that meet our ideals.

In actual use, coal can be divided into the following types depending on the type, composition, quality, and calorific value:

– lignite, loose texture, low ignition point, volatile matter of about 40%;

– bituminous coal, the texture is tight, the ignition point is not high, and the volatile matter is above 30%;

– Anthracite, with tight texture, high ignition point and volatile content below 10%.

Raymond mill

Petroleum coke can be divided into the following categories according to its volatile matter, sulfur content, density, and thermal expansion coefficient:

– needle coke: has a distinct needle-like structure and fiber texture;

– Sponge coke: high sulfur content, high water content, rough surface;

– projectile coke or spherical coke: the shape is spherical, the diameter is 0.6~30mm, the surface is smooth, and the water content is low;

-Powder: It is produced by fluid coking process. Its particle diameter is 0.1~0.4mm, and its volatile matter and thermal expansion coefficient are high.

Different types of pulverized coal and petroleum coke will have different components, and the final use effect will be different. After preparation of grinding coal and petroleum coke, it can be applied in the following fields:

– blast furnace fuel for metallurgical and steel industries;

– Furnace fuel for the glass and ceramic industries;

– fuel furnaces and industrial furnaces for lime kiln and cement rotary kiln;

– a steam boiling furnace for supplying electricity, supplying steam and heating;

– coal conversion equipment (gasification, liquefaction);

– Aluminum, carbon and electrode industries.

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17th Oct 2018