In the process of using the pulverizer, it is difficult to avoid problems, which affecting the quality of the finished product and the progress of the work. How to solve these problems, the standard operation and routine maintenance of the mill are particularly important.

Guilin Hengda is a professional grinding mill manufacturer, today brings you the standard operation and daily maintenance of the mill, hoping to solve your confusion.

(1) Operate the mill in strict accordance with the requirements of milling. First adjust the large rolling distance and then turn on the machine. After the material enters, adjust the rolling distance to normal.

(2) The power of the pulverizer is large, and the power can be doubled with the change of the rolling distance. Therefore, the tightness of the belt needs to be paid more attention.

(3) Before turning on the machine, remove the debris inside and around the machine. Turn the parts by hand to check the degree of tension of the V-belt and the chain.  To check if the fasteners are firm and the lubrication is normal.

Raymond mill

(4) The belt can be deflected or slipped on the pulley. It can be found by looking and smelling. It can be solved by rinsing the scent on the belt and releasing the rolling distance appropriately. If a beating sound is heard, indicating that the belt is partially disengaged and shakes, it shall be immediately stopped and repaired.

(5) Faults in bearings can be found from the wear of bearings or bushings, bearing breakage, and improper installation of rollers. If the bearing end swing occurs, it may be that the rolling distance adjustment mechanism lacks elasticity or the roller is unbalanced. If the bearing has an oil snapping phenomenon, the bearing elasticity should be readjusted and a suitable washer should be used to prevent the roller shaft from being worn to move.

(6) Rollers should be replaced on a plan by schedule. Do not replace large amounts of newly-drawn rollers at the same time to avoid drastic changes in process performance.

(7) Keep the suction pipe open, regularly check and remove the powder in the pipe.

(8) If the gear noise is too large, it can be tilted from the gear unit, the roller and the drive wheel are not balanced, the lubricant is not enough, the tooth shape is not correct, or the wear is excessive.

(9) During grinding, the material should be evenly distributed over the entire length of the grinding roller. When the incoming material is reduced or suddenly stopped feeding, the grinding roller should be loosened immediately to prevent damage.

11th June 2018