What are the points of attention for daily inspection of limestone mills? The following ten points are summarized:

  1. Always listen to whether the operating sound of the limestone mill and separator is normal and there are no abnormal sounds.
  2. Check whether the reducer and other equipment are leaking, including oil, water or material.
  3. Check the wear of the rod seal every month.
  4. Regularly check the function of scraper and return system.
  5. Check the pump station every day, including: fuel level of the fuel tank. If necessary, add fuel. The refueling product must match the specified oil product. Check the pressure of each pressure gauge. Check whether the filters are clogged.
  6. Check the limestone mill roll lubrication station andif the oil pressure is normal.
  7. Always check the oil pipes and valves for oil leakage.
  8. Measure the wear of the grinding disc and grinding roller liner every 1000H and make a record.
  9. Check the pressure of the accumulator once a week.
  10. Regularly check the limestone mill center frame, nozzle ring, air guide vanes, water spray pipes and other accessories inside the mill.

grinding equipment

According to the different fineness of limestone powder from different industry requirements, we need to choose different grinding equipments. Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer who has specialized in grinding equipment more than 10 years with professional teams, rich experience, premium quality products and awesome services, there are three models grinding mill you can choose.

HD series raymond mill

Output size: 80-400 mesh

Input size: ≤35 mm

Capacity: 1-60 TPH

MR series micro powder mill

Output size: 325-1500 mesh

Input size: ≤10 mm

Capacity: 0.5-6.5 TPH

HGM series ultrafine mill

Output size: 600-3000mesh

Input size: ≤20mm

Capacity: 0.8-1.2 TPH

31th May 2018