The problem of feed quantity will also affect the working ability of Raymond Mill. How does Guilin Hengda control the feed amount of Raymond Mill? Let me introduce you in detail as below.

Good grading requires that the concentration of powder in the gas should not be too large, and the mutual interference between the particles in the transportation and grading process should be minimized. If the concentration of the powder contained in the gas stream is too large, the classification efficiency is lowered, and large particles are easily contaminated in the finished product.

Raymond mill

However, if the concentration is too small, the yield is too low. The concentration of the powder in the gas stream is determined by factors such as the amount of feed, the ability to mill, and the amount of air blown by the blower.

We have an ammeter and a current relay connected in series on the speed regulating motor circuit of the classifier. The load current of the classifier motor and the speed of the classifier impeller are related to the gas flow rate of the impeller and the concentration of the powder. Under the premise of constant speed and flow rate, the larger the powder concentrationĀ is, the larger the load currentĀ is. This method is used to control the feed amount.

7th Sep 2018