Micro powder grinder is one of applications for the production of coal fly ash. What kind of principle should be used for the configuration of the coal fly ash mill production line?

Principle 1 To meet production needs

This mainly refers to the production capacity and the quality of the finished product and the production of raw materials that can handle coal fly ash, so as to ensure production. According to this principle, the main reference to the nature of the material and the demand for production in the configuration.

Principle 2 Affordable

Under the premise of meeting the demand for coal fly ash production, the model of the mill that can be selected and the model of its auxiliary equipment may not be single. At this time, if the investment funds are limited, we can choose a relatively economical configuration. In this case, the production demand can be met under the premise of a small cost investment, and the comprehensive benefits are obviously improved.

Micro powder grinder

Principle 3 Environmental protection

Because environmental protection is important in the production of industrial, production equipment can be only applied to the market when it meets the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, for coal fly ash production, one of the factors is to strictly prevent dust spillage and noise during the processing of coal fly ash by the mill to ensure environmental protection.

Guiilin Hengda Mill is a professional grinding equipment manufacturer, for 325-1500 mesh coal fly ash powder, MR series micro powder grinder is a good choice. Here is a successful case of it.

A coal fly ash factory of GuangXi

The processing material: coal fly ash

Marble equipment: 1 set of MR100 micro powder grinder

The fineness of the finished production: 325 mesh

Project introduction:coal fly ash is the Volcanic ash mixture material generated after combustion of coal in high temperature, it is similar with fireclay, it is a indispensability ore material in powder ash air-entrained concrete and other construction material , Agricultural fertilizer, soil amendment, the equipment used in this project is MR100 which can be fed by fully powder , and resolved the difficult scientific problem of light weight, and hard to make into fine powder, MR100 micro powder grinder is the Domestic initiative grinding equipment other than ball mill and airflow mill that can process light materials.

13th July 2018