Coal fly ash refers to the fine dust generated by coal during combustion. It is composed of organic matter and inorganic matter, and can be used as a filler after comprehensively utilizing its combustible components.

1.In building products, coal fly ashcan be used to steam coal fly ash bricks, using power plant coal fly ash and quicklime or other alkaline activators as the main raw materials, or adding appropriate amount of gypsum, and adding a certain amount of cinder or water, after by processing, stirring, digestion, wheel milling, compression molding, atmospheric pressure or high pressure steam curing to form a wall materials;

Micro powder grinding mill

2.Sintered coal fly ashbrick, with coal fly ash, clay and other industries waste material as raw material, processed by raw material, stirred, formed, dried, and fired to form brick; autoclaved to produce foamed coal fly ash insulation brick, with coal fly ash as main raw material, adding a certain amount of lime and foaming agent, after ingredients, stirring, injection molding and autoclaving to from a new type of thermal insulation brick;

3.Coal fly ashsilicate block, using coal fly ash, lime, gypsum as cementing material, cinder, blast furnace slag etc as aggregate, adding water and stirring , wall material made of vibration molding and steam curing; coal fly ash aerated concrete, using coal fly ash as raw material, adding appropriate amount of quicklime, cement, gypsum and aluminum powder, adding water to stir and slurry, injecting mold into steaming porous and lightweight construction building materials.

For the coal fly ash grinding, Guilin Hengda MR series micro powder grinding mill is a good choice. This micro powder grinding mill is a domestic first products produced according the customer’s requirements on the production of 325-1500 meshes, after 3 year research by technical department and experienced practice of one years, it is a new equipment used for processing of the material of coal ash, talc, zirconite etc.

31th Aug 2018