Ultrafine mill is a common equipment for producing ultrafine powder. Which areas does ultrafine powder applied in?

The ultrafine powder material refers to a type of material having a characteristic size of the material component between 0.1 and 100 nm, and the material is composed of a “particle component” and an “interface component”. Under the radiation of the microwave field, the atomic electron motion in the ultrafine powder material is intensified, which causes the magnetization to convert the electromagnetic energy into heat energy, thereby increasing the absorption performance of the electromagnetic wave. The ultrafine powder material has the characteristics of absorbing wave frequency bandwidth, good compatibility, light weight and thin thickness, and is a promising material. Ultrafine powder materials have been widely used in windshields of various vehicles and door and window glass in public places such as large airports and stadiums. In addition, the application of materials to fabrics can improve the absorption of microwaves by fabrics, thereby more effective protection.

Ultrafine mill

Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has specialized in grinding equipment more than 10 years, HGM series ultrafine mill is the best choice to produce ultrafine powder, here are the technical features as following.

 HGM ultrafine  mill technical features:

1.Reliable operation of the grinding chamber: this HGM Series Grinder does not have antifriction bearing and bolt inside of the grinding chamber, so problem caused by the bearing and other sealing element will not occur and the problem of machine failure caused by the loose bolt can be avoided.

2.Long time used of the quick-wear part: all the quick-wear parts adopt high-quality wear-resistant materials.

3.Convenient maintenance: HGM series ultrafine main engine has shifting unit and does not need hoist the grader, the maintenance is convenient and efficient.

4.Double support rigid structure: the grinding roller and grinding ring will not move.

5.All-around feeding and high efficiency.

6.It has the features of small vibration, convenient maintenance, highly reliable quick-wear part, low operation cost.

29th Aug 2018