Ultrafine mill is widely used in the grinding of ultra-fine powder, and it has an irreplaceable position in the field of ultra-fine powder. Ultra-fine powder is widely used in the catalysts.

Catalysts play a pivotal role in many chemical fields, it can controll reaction time, increase reaction efficiency and reaction rate. The catalytic efficiency of most conventional catalysts is low, and their preparation is carried out empirically, which not only causes huge waste of raw materials for production, makes economic efficiency difficult to increase, but also pollutes the environment. Ultra-fine particles ground by ultrafine mill have many surface active centers, which provide the necessary conditions for catalysts. The use of ultra-fine particles as a catalyst greatly improves the reaction efficiency, controls the reaction rate, and even allows the reaction which could not be carried out to proceed. The reaction rate of the ultra-fine particles produced by the ultrafine mill as a catalyst is 10 to 15 times higher than that of the general catalyst.

Ultrafine mill

Guilin Hengda HGM series ultrafine mill is a new type grinding equipment for 600-3000 mesh ultra-fine pwoder grinding, here is the introduction of it as below.

HGM series ultrafine mill introduction:

1.When it grind 10 micron ,<2.5micron fitness occupied 50%.

2.The main unit built-in grading agencies,without coarseness missing ,without  large particles pollution

3.Grinding roller and grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant alloy steel, which increase useful life by 2 to 3 times.

4.Shock absorption and compact structure. The main unit base with the overall cast steel structure, not only to ensure structural strength, but also with a good shock absorption performance.

5.Imported or international standard bearing

6.The main unit base is heavy designed, and overall cast steel structure, to ensure assembly accuracy of the various components and low vibration to improve equipment life.

4th Sep 2018