With the Mining equipment technology upgrading and slag powder widely used in the cement industry, more and more cement companies realize that slag powder can not only reduce the cost of cement, but also increase the cement adhesion. Slag powder become a hot building material on the market at present and contributes to the application of slag powder in cement.

Slag is the waste of iron and steel plant iron production, the chemical composition is similar to the cement clinker, which with large activity., It can be applied to the cement after the slag grinding machine processing the slag powder into fine powder .what is the requirement about the number of slag powder? The research shows that the 325 mesh slag powder instead of the same amount of cement, which can significantly improve the strength of cement. at the same time. ,it will save a lot of electricity &coal ,limestone and other natural mineral resources, reduce CO2 emissions

To ensure the quality of products under the premise of reducing the waste of limestone and clay resources, reducing the amount of clinker, to make the cement industry gradually energy saving and environmental friendly, become a sustainable development of the green cement industry, the application of slag powder in cement makes a big difference.

Guilin Hengda HD series high efficiency grinding mills have the advantage of high production, high qualification rate and low noise and vibration compared to the peer of grinding 325-400 mesh. The grinding force is from 10 ton to 60 tons per hour, of which HD2150, HD2500 is the best choice for grinding slag.

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