Guilin Hengda Raymond Mill is used in new fields – high titanium slag grinding.

Raymond mill

High titanium slag is a type of titanium slag derived from ilmenite. The ilmenite is mixed with a certain amount of carbon-containing reducing agent and added to an electric furnace for reduction smelting. The iron oxide in the ore is selectively reduced to metallic iron, and the titanium oxide is enriched to form a product, which is titanium slag. Titanium slag with a titanium dioxide content of more than 90% is usually referred to as high titanium slag. High titanium slag is a kind of titanium ore enrichment or enriched titanium ore. It is a high-quality raw material for producing titanium dioxide. Compared with ilmenite, the ratio of ilmenite is high, and the iron content is low, which not only eliminates the production of ferrous sulfate, the sulfuric acid consumption is reduced, the iron powder reduction is omitted, but also the transportation amount of the raw material is reduced, and the concentration of the titanium liquid after the acid hydrolysis is high, the evaporation amount of the titanium liquid is reduced, so that the energy consumption per unit product is lowered. Therefore, the use of acid-soluble titanium slag as raw material is of great significance for protecting the ecological environment, simplifying the production process, saving energy and reducing consumption, and effectively utilizing resources. It is the development direction of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide raw materials, and no high titanium is used in Raymond mill. Before slag was ground, Chinese high-titanium slag was almost entirely imported. Since the application of Raymond mill, it solved the problem of our high-titanium slag powder relying on imports, and played a huge role in the high-titanium slag milling project.

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30th Aug 2018