From the beginning of the Raymond mill, to the later high-pressure suspension roller mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill to ultra-fine powder mill, in the material of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, has been innovated, the resistant grinding material never leaves the line of sight of the developer. For the customer, the key part of the Raymond mill equipment is the grinding roller and grinding ring. The following is a brief introduction to the category and application of the manganese steel material.

High manganese steel is widely used in the manufacture of wear-resistant castings under impact and wear conditions, such as grinding rolls and grinding rings of mills, ball mill liners, crusher plates, rolling walls, crusher hammers, excavator shovel tooth etc. Due to different working conditions, high manganese steel is subjected to different impact and wear strengths. In many cases, traditional high manganese steels often fail to fully exert their impact and antiwear properties.

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Sub-high manganese steel increases the manganese content while adding a small amount of alloying elements, and appropriately adjusts the heat treatment process, thereby reducing the raw material cost by about 100 yuan, and the wear resistance is superior to ordinary high manganese steel. This material is suitable for the manufacture of wear resistant castings under high impact abrasive wear conditions. The use of this material instead of ordinary high manganese steel can bring direct economic benefits to the company by improving quality and reducing costs.

High-carbon high-manganese steel greatly improves the wear resistance of the material under the condition of the same cost by appropriately increasing the carbon content and rationally adjusting the heat treatment process. This material is mainly suitable for wear-resistant castings of grinding equipment (such as ball mills) under medium and low impact abrasive wear conditions. Since this material has better wear resistance than ordinary high manganese steel, this material can improve the market competitiveness of the product.

Microalloyed high-manganese steel greatly improves the structure and comprehensive properties of the material by rational use of trace alloying elements, and is suitable for the manufacture of wear-resistant castings under various harsh working conditions and strong impact conditions. Although the cost of this material is about 200 yuan higher than the cost per ton of ordinary high-manganese steel, it has a high performance-price ratio. Therefore, it is popular in some occasions where ordinary high-manganese steel is difficult to meet the requirements, and it has certain market competitiveness.

As we all know, the classification of manganese steel is determined by the content of manganese. It is necessary to know that the content of manganese is slightly different, so the role of the steel used in mechanical equipment will be very different, so Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery Raymond mill experts remind users to pay attention. When purchasing equipment such as Raymond mill, be sure to see the materials used in machinery and equipment. Do not blindly enter some manufacturers because of low prices, to avoid unnecessary losses.

11th July 2018