There are many mechanical factors that affect the output of the mill, including the structure of the mill, the type and grading of the grinding body, the selection of the separator, the ventilation effect and the operating system.

(1)Mill structure. The mill’s grinding roller, grinding disc device, inlet and outlet device, pressurizing device, transmission deviceetc have a great influence on the output of the mill. Some improvement measures can achieve significant results.

(2)The type and grading of the grinding materials. The process of smashing the material by the mill is mainly achieved through the movement of the grinding materials. Reasonably selecting and using the grinding materials is an important part of the energy saving and high production of the mill.

(3) Selection of high-efficiency separators. In the closed-circuit grinding system, the separator is an important equipment for material fineness control, and it is also the main helper for energy saving and high production. Its structure, performance and system composition are crucial to the production process of the mill.

Raymond mill

(4) Mill ventilation effect. Enhanced ventilation can remove water vapor and fine powder from the mill to prevent sticking and clogging, reduce over-grinding in the mill, reduce the temperature in the mill, improve grinding conditions, and improve grinding efficiency and yield.

(5) Mill operation automation. The high-tech is mature, such as rate control of the grinding system, on-line control of the burden, automatic control of the load of the mill, frequency conversion and speed control. It is not only beneficial to the energy saving and high output of the mill, but also to the improvement of the production management level of the enterprise.

The above are the main mechanical factors that affect the output of the mill. If you need more high-production equipment, welcome to contact us. According to different milling materials and fineness, Guilin Hengda produces mill equipments like HD series raymond mill, MR series micro powder mill, HGM series ultrafine mill etc. Guilin Hengda has dedicated to R & D and production of grinding machines more than 10 years, to provide you with the overall solution for grinding equipment.

4th June 2018