Ultrafine grinding mill is mainly applied to the grinding of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mines and other mineral products, quartz, feldspar,  clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, white mud, gypsum etc non-flammable and explosive materials with a hardness equal to or less than 6 in Mohs and less than 6% in humidity.

Ultrafine mill is mainly composed of electric motor, feed outlet, fan, analysis machine, air duct, pulse dust collector etc. The fan is mainly used to provide air flow, so that the material after grinding can be smoothly entered and selected. However, improper use of staff in daily operations may cause the machine not work.

Today, Guilin Hengda simply analyzes the reasons for the failure of the fan and the corresponding solutions.

Ultrafine mill

First of all, when the main shaft of the fan and the motor shaft doesn’t at the same position , there will be a case where the motor runs without a fan during the operation of the motor, so that the coupling operation of the fan has no regularity, resulting in severe vibration of the fan. When the blades of the fan are rubbed against the casing, the blades of the fan will be close to other components. Therefore, when the fan rotates, it will collide with other parts and damage other parts; Secondly, the looseness of the fan’s anchor bolt, impeller disc, or the coupling screw will also cause the fan to vibrate and generate larger noise, the dust on the surface of the final fan blade is too thick, which causing the fan to rotate unbalanced, which can also cause fan vibration.

Therefore, the user must install the equipment in strict accordance with the design drawings of the equipment , to minimize installation errors. In addition, the user must maintain the equipment in daily use of the equipment to avoid abnormal vibration of the fan and ensure that the equipment can continue to work normally.

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14th June 2018