Aluminum hydroxide use introduction

Aluminum hydroxide (Al (OH) 3), because it contains a certain acidity, also known as aluminic acid, is a series of precipitation, filtration, low temperature drying, after the important crushing (milling) processing, With two kinds of value both in industrial and medicinal value, as offlame retardant, thermosetting plastic, synthetic rubber, paint, etc;also can be used for gastrointestinal stomach acid drugs, is an important pharmaceutical excipients.

The milling equipment of aluminum hydroxide

1. Raymond mill

Raymond mill, which is recommended unanimously by most users, it’s a popular aluminum hydroxide mill, the market favored rate of up to 95%. Guilin Hengda HD series high efficiency Raymond grinding mill, the structure is simple, safer, stable operation, low price, fineness of the finished product after grinding can be adjusted between 80-600 mesh, finished fine powder, high purity, less impurities, and environmentally friendly Low noise, low vibration.

Aluminum hydroxide Ultrafine grinding mill Raymond grinding mill

2.Ultrafine grinding mill

Ultrafine mill, is a ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide milling equipment, which is used with a higher fineness requirement of the final product. Guilin Hengda HGM ultrafine grinding mill, the fineness of up to 2500 mesh grinding, It’s also strong, durable, with a long useful of life, low cost, affordable (the price is 1/8 of airflow mill ) at the same time.

Aluminum hydroxide Ultrafine grinding mill Raymond grinding mill


Aluminum hydroxide milling production process

Aluminum hydroxide was made after a series of precipitation, filtration, low temperature drying, will be crushed by the jaw crusher, then transftered to the stock bin, and fed by the belt conveyer with quantify, and then equably send to host for grind. At the same time, High pressure and large flow air fan system and pulverized powder mixed into high concentration air and classifies in the classifier above the host, the powder particle which size does not reach the fineness of finished product powder fall back into the host of machine, the powder particle that reach the finished particle size of powder are blew into the pulse collection system with the airflow, and finally discharge out and form product through the feed pipe, the air of purification flows though the piping system into the fan with which then be discharged into the atmosphere. The whole air supply system is open, the flow system flows under negative pressure. The workshop is environmental protection.

26th Jan.  2018