Raymond machine is the most widely used grinding industry, one of the most extensive equipment. According to the statistics of the competent department of industry, the share of Raymond mill in the domestic grinding equipment is as high as over 70%. However, with the progress of production, some users feedback that their Raymond mill output is lower and the energy consumption is larger. Today mainly introduces the Raymond mill output of three factors, the maintenance of elements, hope it helpful for your production.

Raymond mill

Production factors

Dust gas in the entire process of grinding is closed operation, due to the friction between the roller and the grinding ring, the temperature increases, the moisture in the material and air moisture in the air expansion, leakage at the duct flange, the system will be the amount of wind Increase, excess air will be through the small whirlwind and diffuse bag discharge.

Dust bag effects

As the dust bag is not backflushing or vibrating cleaning system, running for a long time will cause the surface of the bag to be clogged, and the low efficiency of the air diffusing will cause the resistance of the whole air duct system to increase. The outflow of the powder mixed gas in the machine will decrease, resulting in Raymond Mill output reduced.

Closed loop blower pressure effects

As the basic value of closed loop circulating air volume stability, only to discuss the impact of wind pressure, the use of frequency conversion technology can increase the fan speed,

Obviously it can increase the wind pressure and increase the outflow of dust-laden gases, thus increasing the output.

The closed-loop air duct system design is: the host is a positive pressure, the air duct to the fan are negative pressure operation. Therefore, the pressure will inevitably lead to positive pressure duct operation, dust leakage, resulting in loss of powder and production decline.

Raymond mill

Equipment maintenance impact

Due to the closed-circuit cycle, the gas is heated constantly, and the temperature of the powder itself is higher, the bearing grease in the main machine is thinned by the high temperature, which easily flows out of the skeleton seal ring, resulting in lack of oil and bearing damage. In addition, the damage and maintenance of the roller will reduce the output rate of the equipment and affect the output of the equipment.

Raymond mill

Maintain the element

Raymond mill as a heavy grinding equipment, its routine maintenance and care is also very important, once done is not in place, it will seriously affect the yield. Raymond mill maintenance and care should be done:

(1) Raymond mill in the use of the process, there should be a fixed staff responsible for the custody, the operator must have a certain level of technology. The mill must be installed before the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle of the mill performance, familiar with the operating procedures.

(2) In order to make the Raymond mill normal, a “safe operation system of equipment maintenance” should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill. At the same time, necessary maintenance tools, grease and corresponding accessories should be provided.

(3) After the Raymond Mill is used for a period of time, overhaul should be carried out. At the same time, the worn parts such as grinding roller, grinding ring and blade should be overhauled and replaced. Before and after use, the grinding roller should be carefully checked , To see if there is loose phenomenon, whether to add enough grease.

(4) When the grinding roller is used for more than 500h, the roller bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tools are available with the manual pump and the grease gun.

(5) bearings are used No. 3 MoS2 grease and N32 mechanical oil lubrication.

(6) Roller assembly refueling time 3 days, the central axis and lower half a refueling time. Fan seat with oil, transparent oil standard not less than the general level ..found that bearing overheating, should be cleaned bearings and bearing housing and other accessories should be cleaned.