The advantages of Raymond Mill can attract customers’ attention and the better performance can meet the production needs of customers and get the recognition of customers. Here is the introduction of the advantages of Raymond Mill.

1, Strong operational reliability

The Raymond mill has a smooth running condition, which is a key factor in improving the productivity of the equipment. The reason why the equipment has a smooth running state is that the structural design of Raymond Mill is very reasonable. Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery fully considers the importance of the operating state when designing the overall structure of raymond mill and makes a rational deployment;

Raymond mill

2, The powder particle size is uniform

The particle size is a measure of the performance of raymond mill. This parameter is closely related to the operating state of the equipment. If the operation status of Raymond mill is guaranteed by reliability, the particle size of the powder can meet the customer’s demand. In addition, in order to improve the particle size of the Raymond mill and further improve the function, when Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery designed the structure of Raymond mill, a new filter screen was added to the discharge port. The filter has two functions: The first is to improve the discharge state of Raymond mill, so that the particle size of Raymond mill is more refined; the second is to filter the impurities in the material, and thus effectively improve the purity of the powder;

3, High degree of automation

The higher the automation of Raymond mill means the higher the technology content , Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery in order to effectively improve the automation of Raymond mill, starting from the core component of the equipment – the motor, using excellence, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection motor parts, which not only improve the automation of Raymond mill, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of Raymond mill. In addition, Raymond mill has the advantages of low noise and low vibration during production operation, so it also made a positive and outstanding contributions to the energy conservation advocated environmental protection work.

12th Oct 2018