REVIEW: GZ feeder is used to supply material from storage bin or other storage equipments to material receiving equipment evenly and quantitatively, which is widely used in mining industry. Today we are going to talk about the indispensable feeding equipment in daily production and the problems it encountered.

GZ feeder 1.The machine doesn’twork when the power is on

Failure reasons:

① Fuse blown;

② The coil wire is shorted or the lead wire connector is disconnected.


① Replace the fuse;

② Check the resistance with shake table or ohmmeter, handle the open circuit or connect the lead wire.

2.The direction of material transport skewed

Fault reason: It may be the tank center line and exciting force line is not in the same vertical plane.

Solution: Adjust them in the same vertical surface.

3.Weak vibration, adjust the amplitude of the potentiometer to reflect small, ineffective or high current

Failure reasons:

① SCR breakdown;

② Air gap is blocked, the gap between the spring blockage.


  • Replace the SCR;
  • Clear the blockage.

4.The noise of the machine is too high, adjust the amplitude of the potentiometer to reflect the irregular, a violent crash

Failure reasons:

① Plate spring fracture occurred;

② The vibrator and the phase joint bolt broken or loose;

③ Core and armature collide.


① Replace the new plate spring;

② Replace or tighten the bolt;

③ Adjust the air gap to the standard value of 2mm or so.

GZ feeder

5.Machine’s noise is too high

Fault reasons: GZ feeder to do the work by electromagnetic vibration, so the connection parts is easy to loose, so that noise increases.

Solution: Turn off equipment immediately and service it from outside to inside. The specific order is as below :

① Check the feeder housing and if trough has collision with other equipment ;

② Check if the bolts of trough and connecting fork fixing is loose;

③ Check if the iron core fixing bolts is loose, if yes, there will be sharp impact sound between iron core and the armature ;

④Check the spring plate or connecting fork is broken.

6.The machine appears to be torsional vibration

Failure reason: the role of exciter line is not in the center of the tank.

Solution: GZ Feeder is a directional vibration equipment, if with torsional vibration, it is necessary to adjust the exciter excitation force line till it can be the center of the tank.

7. The machine work intermittently or current is fluctuation

Failure reasons:

① Coil damage or poor contact;

② Bad control box.


  • Check whether there is any short circuit between coil layers or turns, whether the connector is virtual, repair or replace the coil;

②Check if the control box wiring is loose, re-reinforcement control box solder joints.

8. No-load test is normal, but load amplitude decreases a lot

Failure reasons: improper feed inlet design, the pressure is too large

Solution: Redesign or improve the silo mouth, reduce column pressure.

9. The ammeter does not move, the magnetic armature collision, issued a high noise, the operating current exceeds the rated value

Fault reasons:

①The current is too high, the amplitude increases;

② Top spring wire loosens.


① Adjust rotation of the control box , so that the current decreases, the amplitude decreases;

② The looseness of the top spring of the leaf spring will produce the resonance of the leaf spring, and the upper spring will be tightened and checked frequently (the top spring will loosen due to the loosening of the top spring wire in the process of using the GZ feeder, which will cause the leaf spring break with the passage of time).

10.Working properly, but the current is too high

Cause of the malfunction: May be the air gap is too large.

Solution: Adjust the air gap to the standard value of 2mm or so.

GZ feeder

11. No material or insufficient material

Fault reason: The trough vibration can not reach the specified amplitude range.


①Check if the bin load is acted on the feeder trough directly or not. If the trough with long-term pressure, which makes the spring plate and the connecting fork fatigue damage, eventually leading to the spring plate or connecting fork rupture;

② Check and adjust the iron core and the armature gap, maintained within the range of 2.0 ± 0.1mm. The gap is too large or too small, will not reach the normal amplitude and impact feeding ability;

③ Check and adjust the degree of compression of the spring plate compression bolts.

12. The controllable SCR rectifier burned suddenly during the processing and the equipment broke down

Fault reason: coil short circuit, or coil leakage (ground).

Solution: Replace the SCR or the coil, solve the problem of leakage.

13.The base and framework of the GZ feed with high vibration

Fault reason: The vibration may be caused by the stiffness of vibration isolation spring

Solution: Reduce the vibration isolation spring stiffness.